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Bucket Pick Up

A bucket pick up poop scooping service is a unique and highly effective solution for dealing with pet waste. While traditional poop scooping services involve a professional coming to your home to clean up after your pets, bucket pick up services allow for a more flexible and convenient approach. Poop Scoop, a leading provider of this innovative service, offers a seamless experience that ensures a clean and fresh yard without the hassle.

The essence of the bucket pick up service involves you scooping your pet’s waste into a special bucket provided by Poop Scoop throughout the week. On a scheduled day, Poop Scoop collects the filled bucket, ensuring a proper and eco-friendly disposal, and leaves you with a fresh bag to start the process again. The service is ideal for those who dislike the idea of storing pet waste in their home waste bins, but are comfortable with the scooping process itself​.

The Poop Scooping Process

The standard process of a poop scooping service involves the professional meticulously walking through your yard in a grid pattern and collecting all the waste they can find. Once the scooping process is complete, you are notified with a scoop ticket, door hanger, or email/text notification. While some companies take the waste with them, others double-bag the waste and leave it in the client’s trash bin. In the case of Poop Scoop’s bucket pick up service, the waste is taken away during the scheduled pick up, eliminating the need to store it in your bin​.

Bucket Pick Up

The Cost and Flexibility of Service

The cost of a poop scooping service can vary depending on factors such as the number of dogs, size of the yard, and frequency of service. We offer services at various frequencies, including daily, weekly, twice weekly, every other week, or one-time cleanings. The pricing of visits typically decreases as visit frequency increases due to less waste being in the yard at the time of service. Poop Scoop offers a highly competitive rate of $40 per month for their bucket pick up service, ensuring an affordable and stress-free solution to pet waste management​.

Why Choose Poop Scoop

Choosing Poop Scoop for your bucket pick up poop scooping service means you are opting for a company that values convenience, professionalism, and cleanliness. Serving Victoria BC and surrounding areas, Poop Scoop has developed a reputation for reliable and efficient service. The first service is provided free of charge, offering a risk-free opportunity to experience the benefits of professional pet waste management. For enquiries or to get started, simply get in touch, plan a time, and their team will arrive to get the job done. Contact Poop Scoop today at 778-922-7667 to experience the difference a professional poop scooping service can make to your pet-friendly home.