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We’re more than happy to answer any of the questions that you might have!

Poopscoop: poop scooping services


We’re more than happy to answer any of the question that you might have!

We genuinely care about our clients both two and four legged. Our team is committed to providing you with professional, caring poop scoop service at an affordable rate. We can help you to provide a clean, healthy environment for your family and pets. Start enjoying your outside space and pets again by simply calling us!

We are extremely conscientious about making sure that gates are firmly secured while in the yard and upon leaving. We take extra care to make sure that your dog stays in the yard while we doo our doo.

How you are invoiced will depend on your type of service. If you are a monthly client, you will be billed on the first of every month. For one time scoops, payment is due at the time of service.

Our yard services start at a base price of $20. The total for monthly yard services is based on the frequency of our visits, the number of four legged friends, terrain, and yard size. Bucket pick ups once a week start at $40/ month ($10/week).

Don’t forget, if you are new to poop scoop, the first one is on us!

We proudly service Victoria BC and its surrounding municipalities.

Those who are unable, unwilling or just want to enjoy their yard and pets without the hassle of dog waste clean up. Those parents with small children who enjoy playing outside or if you use your yard often. Those with physical or visual impairments that find it difficult or impossible to clean your yard. And anyone else who just simply does not want to pick up pet waste.

We do not have a minimum service period. We are dedicated to building customer loyalty through great service, not long-term contracts.

Yes. Poop Scoop Service employees are not allowed to climb or jump over fences.

Please have your gate unlocked on your day of service or provide us with a key so we can come in and out, leaving your yard secure.

Not unless your dog is aggressive OR potentially aggressive.

Our team loves dogs and really enjoy spending time with them! However, they also love their fingers, so if your dog is aggressive, we will have to ask you to restrain or confine your dog.

Please contact us about your situation if there are any concerns about your dog’s temperament and we can work with you.

Yes! We offer pet waste cleanup and removal all year.

Snow or inclement weather may delay our professional pooper scoopers from time to time, but we are usually able to catch up on your scheduled dog waste clean up within a day or two. In the winter, we will occasionally get a snow that may cause us to miss an entire day or two. You will be notified about any delays.

What about holidays? Like everyone else we do like to spend the holidays with our families. However, Poop Scoop and its scoopers have the choice to take stat holidays. You will be notified if there is a service interruption.

We have currently hit capacity with our composting efforts and are working towards a scalable solution. With our overflow, it is destined for the landfill until we get approved for our composting site.

At Poop Scoop we feel that it is so important to reduce our carbon footprint. All pet waste is recycled into specific ready to use compost. Our tailor-made composting system safely and quickly transforms pet waste into a product that restores nutrients and microbes to the soil for ornamental plants, making it the better, simpler choice for pet waste disposal.

Our composting solution is:

ODOR-FREE! No more pet waste smells. Ethically dispose and recycle your pets waste without the sacrifice of great smelling space.

Organic waste becomes a product that enriches soil.

Our process diverts pet waste away from the landfills.

Reduces groundwater contamination, greenhouse gas and methane production

Our process is safe and easy to repurpose, removing the risk of parasites entering water in our reservoirs.

Please give us as much notice as possible so we can “skip” that service. If we have at least 48 hours notice and the dog(s) will not be using the yard, then there will be no charge for that “skipped” service.

Have a great vacation!

If you add an additional member to your pack, we simply add more time to your scheduled service. Nominal price increases depend on the dog size, and amount of waste they produce. You will always be notified before any increase occurs.

Just contact our team to let us know! If you move within Victoria and the surrounding municipalities, you can then have your poop scoop service continue smoothly. So, when you get to your new home, we can meet you there!

Simply fill out the service request form on your website. Our team will then get a hold of you to schedule your scoop at a time that works for you!

Poop Scoops Ruff-Fural Program allows your love for us to be transformed into perks! Our program allows anyone wishing to support Poop Scoop to do so. Whether you’re a long-time client, a one off, or you own 12 birds.

How does it work? 1 Ruff-fural, resulting in a new paying client, is equal to one free scoop OR the dollar equivalent. If you take it upon yourself to advocate for poop scoop, let us know! This way we can watch for your name as it comes in. If we have your information, we are able to easily kick back our gratitude.

You are welcome to keep accumulating credits on your account and claim your service, monetary reward or gift certificate at any time. Use your gift certificates for yourself, or feel free to gift them to a friend!