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Elderly/Disabled Dog Poop Removal

Poop Scoop is proud to offer a unique and vital service specifically tailored for the elderly and disabled pet owners in Victoria BC and surrounding areas: our elderly dog poop removal service. We understand the challenges that physically disabled persons and seniors face when owning a pet, and we aim to alleviate one significant burden – dog waste cleanup. With our service, clients don’t have to worry about the tiresome task of picking up their pet’s waste, as our dedicated team takes care of it, ensuring a clean and safe environment for everyone​.

Professional Poop Scooping For Elderly Residence

Dog waste, if not properly handled, can become a serious health risk to humans and pets alike. It can harbour harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites, posing a significant threat to young children, the elderly, and those with compromised immunity. Moreover, it can lead to environmental contamination, including ground water pollution. Our service ensures a regular and thorough cleanup of your yard, thus preventing the spread of diseases and environmental contamination​. Additionally, our professional pet waste removal prevents uncomfortable conversations with neighbours and keeps your backyard odour-free, enhancing your overall quality of life and curb appeal.

Elderly/Disabled Assistance Poop Scooping Service

Fitting Into Your Schedule

We understand that our clients have busy lives filled with numerous responsibilities and commitments. As such, it can be challenging to find time for additional tasks such as dog waste removal. Poop Scoop’s Elderly/Disabled Assistance Poop Scooping service fits seamlessly into your week, allowing you to spend your valuable time on more enjoyable or essential activities. With our service, you can have your weekends back to spend resting or catching up on quality time with family​.

Enabling You to Enjoy Your Backyard

The presence of dog waste in your backyard can hinder your ability to fully enjoy your outdoor space. It can turn your backyard into a minefield, making it difficult to play with your pet, host backyard barbecues, or simply relax in the open air. With our poop scooping service, you can fully reclaim your backyard, free of any worries about where you step or whether you should invite the neighbours over.

Reducing Physical Strain

Picking up dog poop can be physically demanding, especially for the elderly or those with physical disabilities. The constant bending and picking can lead to back pain and muscle soreness. By using our poop scooping service, you can avoid this physical strain, letting our team do the hard work for you​.

At Poop Scoop, we are committed to providing top-quality elderly poop scooping service and ensuring our clients’ utmost satisfaction. Our service rates are very affordable with a $40/month bucket pick up weekly or $25 biweekly and a $20/visit yard service. Moreover, we’re excited to offer the first poop scoop service free of charge, allowing you to experience our exceptional service without any initial investment. To get started, simply get in touch at 778-922-7667, plan a time, and our team will arrive to get the job done. Choose Poop Scoop, and let us take the ‘poo’ out of your ‘to-do’ list!

disabled assistance dog poop removal

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