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Poop Scooper in Esquimalt, BC

Let’s face it, picking up dog poop is everyone’s least favourite task! Even though you adore your dog, cleaning up the mess in your yard is not something you enjoy doing.

Everybody who has ever had a pet knows they are capable of the unconditional love typically exhibited between a parent and their child. Imagine your feelings when you come home to a pet that is delighted to see you. Our pets make our lives more fulfilling, joyful, and unconditionally loving.

But it’s true that no one likes scooping up dog crap! Imagine a service that would spare you from ever having to pick up dog waste! We are the best poop scooper in Esquimalt, comprised of true pet lovers that keep you, your pet and your space clean and healthy.

Dog Poop Removal Services in Esquimalt

We aim to help you with the best quality service. We’ll handle your house and yard with the utmost regard and discretion. Our poop scoopers remove your dog’s waste, leaving your family, pets, and you with a tidy and secure yard to enjoy. In any weather, even the cold, our professionals at Poop Scoop have the knowledge and tools necessary to remove dog waste safely.


Why is Poop Scooping Important?




Secure and easy access to your property may be maintained by using a professional dog poop cleanup service. The best pooper scooper can clear the area and ensure no dog waste on your driveway or walkways, which can become slick when it freezes and lead to trips, slips, and falls. Pet poop contains bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are dangerous to human and animal health.

Keeps Bugs and Pests Away

Poop attracts flies, dung beetles, and cockroaches. This, in return, brings in rodents and other animals. Not only are these pests annoying and problematic when they get in our homes, but they can also bring and spread other diseases to our pets.

Helps the Grass Grow

Dog poop is not effective as fertilizer. Many individuals truly think that by leaving animal waste in their yards, they are supplying nutrients to the soil. Due to the dogs’ diets, dog poop creates very poor fertilizer. As the poop decomposes, it kills the grass it falls on and the nearby vegetation.

Less Mess, Less Stress

The more often you clean the yard, the simpler it is to manage the aforementioned pet waste issues. However, for those who lack time to dig through the yard with a rake or shovel and look for dog poop, we can help you in the complete cleanup process.

If you’re a parent, you change diapers, and if you own a pet, you should scoop the waste. One of the requirements of dog ownership is that you have to clean up after your pets. It is just not the act of kindness, the well-being of your dog, your kids, your community, and other local pets depend on it. You can get the best assistance from our knowledgeable and friendly pet technicians. By providing pet waste disposal and poop scooping services in Esquimalt, BC, we’re delighted to assist you in maintaining your yard as a hygienic and clean area for your pets to play. Call us today.