Poop Scoop

Poop Scooper in Oak Bay, BC

As a dog owner, you deserve to have the best of both worlds – a loving companion and a clean, safe backyard for your furry friend to play in. That’s why we’re here to make your life easier with our top-notch poop scooping services in Oak Bay, BC. Say goodbye to the mess and stress of removing dog poop from your residential or commercial property – our team of expert patrollers will do the hard work for you in an eco-friendly manner.

Dog Poop Removal Services in Oak Bay

Our poop patrollers work diligently all year round to provide you with the best dog waste removal services in Oak Bay. We’ll ensure your backyard remains poop-free, clean, and hygienic, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Whether it’s weekly visits or customized maintenance programs, our poop scooping services are designed to meet your specific needs. Our charges are based on the size of your backyard, the number of dogs, and the frequency of our visits.

Get the Freedom to Play in Your Backyard Again.

Imagine having a backyard free of dog poop, where the air is fresh, and the ground is clean. With our poop scooping services, this dream can become a reality. Whether you prefer our bucket pick-up service, where you scoop and we take care of the rest, or our backyard service, we’re here to provide you with the best experience possible.

Do Your Part for the Environment

As responsible pet owners, we all have a role to play in preserving the environment. By using our poop scooping services, you’re not just keeping your backyard clean, you’re also doing your part to prevent water pollution. Every time it rains, the runoff water can carry dog poop into local rivers, causing harm to the ecosystem. But by removing the poop from your backyard, you’re reducing the risk of water pollution and helping to keep your community clean.

Affordable Prices, Unbeatable Service

At Poop Scoop Services in Oak Bay, BC, we offer prices that are both reasonable and affordable, starting from a low rate and increasing based on the size of your backyard, the number of dogs, and the frequency of our visits. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, so you can enjoy the freedom of playing in a clean, safe, and poop-free backyard.

Contact Our Poop Scooping Team

Fill out our contact form or text 778-922-7667 for more information on our poop scooping services in Oak Bay, BC. We provide our poop removal services for other areas including Victoria, and Royal Oak.